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Audio Recording

Book your next Recording Studio session with us in our soundproof vocal booth & control room with one of our professional sound engineers.

There are the 3 primary components that are needed to make your professional audio production from start to finish:

  • 1) Recording: Record Studio quality vocals in our soundproof booth.
  • 2) Mixing: Your vocals will be professionally mixed with several layers.
  • 3) Mastering: Your final audio levels will be up to par with professionals.

We also produce customized instrumentals & beats using our massive Royalty-Free sample library of over thousands of high quality instruments and sounds, just ask!

Video Recording

Record your video project in house with our professional video equipment and blue screen backgrounds.

Clients love our top-of-the-line filming equipment for their special projects.  We film and edit commercials, testimonials, interviews, music videos, documentaries, short films, and many other special events all in house, utilizing our blue/green screen backgrounds.